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Choosing a Lash Tech

I see many posts on social media asking for recommendations for lash techs and in this every growing industry how do you choose?

There are some amazing lash techs out there.

Firstly the lash tech needs to fit your style, you can find the most perfect tech who specialises in clean uniformed lashes but what if your looking for a messy Kim K look?

The lash industry is still very new and growing fast and while it grows we are learning a lot about it. When I first started doing lashes you basically just applied a lash to a lash, there was no regard for weight or length, any length was good length! Now many of us are trained in advanced styling, we can change how your face looks by a tweak with curl or adapting length.

So once you find a lash tech who’s work you like what should you look for? firstly is the work there’s? is there lots of examples on their social media?

Are they qualified, don’t be afraid to ask to see qualifications and find out if they update their skills. Lash techs should be always updating their skills, especially when the industry evolves so fast. The lash classes I was teaching just a few years ago are not how I would do lashes now.

For example I am actually a qualified hair dresser but unless you want a razor cut with 90s stripes in your hair you don’t want me near you! why? a qualification is a qualification right? except it’s not, the industries evolve and we need to keep up with it.

So what else can you look for? what’s the overall feel you get from them, remember this isn’t a cheap service so don’t be afraid to ask questions or book a consultation. Do you get the feeling the tech is wanting a quick sale and will do anything you request, even though you might have very damaged lashes. Look for an educated lash tech, who will discuss your choices with you.

Plan… look at pictures and talk to the lash tech about them, will it suit you, will your lashes hold the weight, what’s the up keep etc…

Lashes have gone from a sideline beauty salon treatment to no becoming a fast growing industry. Try to think about it like a hair appointment, plan, do your research and ask questions.

Many of my clients have been wearing lashes for over 5 years so it pays to find the right person… and also who you like!

If you need any help or questions feel free to contact us.