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Brow Lamination Durham, UK

Lash extensions are a specialty of ours and we spend a great deal of time perfecting this. We invest a great deal in to our lashes and are constantly completing courses.

You must, must have a patch test with us before having extensions and this will be valid for 6 months. It doesn’t matter how many times you have had extensions on elsewhere, we simply will not do this service without this. This must be at least 48 hours before hand, but we do suggest as early as possible as a reaction can take 5 days to occur.

If it’s your first-time having lashes with us its best to have a chat with us first and let us look at your lashes. Not every lash type can hold every look and we don’t want you to be disappointed. 

Thinking of adding a splash of colour? Just ask!


To keep your lashes looking fabulous you will need to follow aftercare given by our lash technicians’ and call back in for a fill. We recommend you do this a minimum of every 2-3 weeks.

The time you leave in-between infills will be reflected in the cost and time they take.

Not having infills may result in problems with lashes.

30 min infill

£ 26

45 min infill

£ 38

1 hour infill

£ 52

Lash Lift

From £42

Brow Lamination

From £35

Lash Lift

From £42

Brow Lamination

From £35



Lash extensions are made of synthetic material to imitate your natural lash you will require maintenance procedures to maintain this affect.

We do everything we can to ensure the best lashes, but we also need you to follow strict aftercare.

To ensure your lashes stay their best be sure to follow the aftercare advice given below.

  • Do not get anything oil based near your eyes! Please bear in mind oils can melt on to your eyes and cause issues. especially double wear foundations, setting sprays and cream eyeshadows

  • You need to wash your lashes daily, please speak to your therapist about this, we sell these in store for very little costs 

  • For 2 days after treatment DO NOT steam bath, steam face, swim or wash face with hot water.

  • DO NOT attempt to perm or curl lash extensions.

  • DO NOT apply mascara or mascara remover containing oil                             

  • DO NOT rub eye area when washing face. Always pat lashes dry after cleansing.

  • DO NOT apply makeup remover to lashes.

  • DO NOT use sauna or face steamer every day.

  • DO NOT attempt to remove at home, please consult your therapist for removal advice

  • DO NOT apply strip lashes over the top

  • Do wash your lashes daily using a product recommended

  • Do brush your lashes on a regular basis

Please also aware that lashes shed daily and can sometimes shed more than usual (especially spring and October) you may need to book extra infill time in during these times.

British Hair and beauty awards 2020- Winner Overall lash tech of the year -Helen Ward 

Secret Lash Comp 2020 – Judges Choice Winner 

Secret Lash Comp 2020 – Fantasy Lash 3rd Place

Secret Lash Comp 2020 – Lash Lift Winner

Skin Games 2019 – Classic Lashes, Hybrids, Volume lashes, Spa Décor and The Peoples Choice Finalist

British Beauty Awards 2019 – Lash Specialist of the Year Silver Winner  

SME News Awards 2019 – Most Outstanding Lash and Skincare Treatments Winner

Lash Festival 2019 – Master on Trend Lashes Winner 

Lash Factor 2019 – Mature lashes 3rd Place

British Hair and Beauty Awards 2018 – Lash Bar of the Year Winner 

British Hair and Beauty Awards 2018 – Lash Specialist  of the Year (Helen) Winner