Massage & Spa Services

Massage Durham, UK

Please feel free to use our relaxation room after your treatment.

Whatever massage you prefer; relaxing, deep or a little bit of both we will adapt the treatment to suit your needs. 

As with all Sirens treatments you will benefit from those extra little touches, such as luxury oils and creams, hot pindas and warm towels and beds.

If you suffer from any medical conditions please let the receptionist know at the time of booking to ensure we provide you with a safe treatment for your needs.

Benefits of Massage

Massage stimulates all of the bodies systems, increasing blood flow (circulating nutrients, antibodies, hormones and oxygen around the body). This helps to improve the condition of skin, hair and nails as well as providing effective cell renewal to the body. The lymphatic system is stimulated, pushing waste and water retention out of the body. The bodies’ energy systems are balanced bringing a deep relaxation to the body. Massage in all forms can help relieve aching muscles, tension, depression, insomnia, poor circulation, to name just a few.

Spa Treatments

During your treatments we use a combination of massage techniques, Indian head, reflexology, hot stones and hot pindas to indulge your body’s senses alongside beautiful products.