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Taking Care of Your Lashes

You may have noticed that I haven’t been offering custom made strip lashes while we have been closed. This is because I want you to come for your new set when we re open with great lashes! and applying strip lashes is damaging to the natural lashes.

Now is a great time to Get your lashes in great condition, meaning your going to get a better set when we get that fresh set on 🙂

If you are staying at home you can just let your lashes run free! no picking or rubbing mascara off, no strip lash glue getting stuck. Beware that lash serums don’t always help, some speed up the lash cycle and others extend the lash follicle. Tiny amounts of castor oil make a great, cheap lash booster

Im going to talk you through how to get the best from your lashes, what you can do to get the best from them and all of the things that can effect lashes staying on.

So take a look at this huge list that can cause issues with your lashes and see if you fit in to any of them

  • Weak natural lashes ( this makes it difficult to hold the lash weight)
  • Your period, hormones have a huge impact on your lashes and I will go into more detail further down the page.
  • Colds and hayfever
  • Increased crying, especially sad tears ( they release a different hormone)
  • Stress
  • People who sleep facedown
  • Problems with the thyroid gland
  • Antibiotics
  • Pregnancy
  • Oily skin
  • Not cleaning your lashes (see below of how to do this)
  • wearing mascara
  • Any oil based products near your eyes
  • Make up setting spray
  • Sunscreen around the eyes (be extra careful with spray)
  • Products containing glycerine
  • Watery eyes

The main issues I come across in the salon is double wear foundation, not realising there is oil in a product such as cream eye shadows. When clients have been crying and not cleaning them enough.

Lets have a quick chat about hormones first, we all know as woman that hormones can be a pain in the butt and they show themselves in someway, be mood swings, the need for 10 chocolate bars or slightly oily hair. Well this is true for your lashes. in the run up to your period you will start to get a oily build up on your lashes, on mine this is very obvious and lashes will not stick to my natural lashes. And if also you are like me and have crazy hormones this might not be just during your period.

What can you do? firstly track your cycle and fit your lash infills around it, avoiding the 3 days before your period and the first 3 days, so basically avoid that week. The best time is right around ovulation.

I also recommend my clients clean their lashes with baking powder before an infill to remove this residue. It really works! and Ive seen my most difficult clients now have outstanding retention.


Years ago we handed you a brush and sent you on your way telling you to avoid water, this actually makes me feel sick thinking of it.

We need you to do the opposite of that and keep them as clean possible. Cleaning your lashes daily will not only make them last longer but it will keep away those little eye mites… that’s right eye mites live naturally on your lashes and they love to snack away on the dirt and glue. If you ever see a crusty build up on your lashes its their poop!

Now you want to know how to clean them don’t you haha. Firstly you are going to use a specialist lash extension cleaner, its not expensive and yes you do have to use a specialist one, which is no more than the price of take out.

Then you are going to use this form and a special brush to scrub your lashes, paying attention to get near the base and water line, then simply rinse. Saline solution is also great to freshen them up.

If you have any signs on eye mites you need to treat this with a solution from the chemist, the official term is blepharitis. For my clients who suffer with a build up, now is a good time to run a treatment for this so you are fully clear for your fresh set.

Clients who show signs of this will not be offered infills, especially given the current situation as its an increased risk of cross contamination. so its very important you keep on top of this. You can also get specialist brushes to clean around the eyes and products that help with the prevention, such as hypochlorous acid eye cleansers.

Supplements that can also help- Your nails, hair, skin and lashes only run at optimal health when your body has enough nutrients left over. A couple of boosters you can use are zinc, magnesium, biotin and horsetail. Its also worth including Vitamin C and a good all round hair and nails supplement.

We have invested alot of time in to our education to give you the best possible lashes and to get the best from them we you need you to invest in your homecare.

Feel free to ask us any questions