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Vitamin C

Those that know me know I’m passionate about the beauty industry and I think the way we can raise these standards is through education; both with the therapist and the client. In the coming months I will be sharing blogs, information posts and links

today is all about Vitamin C

🍊 Vitamin C has been commonly used in skincare for the last few decades but proved to be difficult to formulate in to the effective ingredient we see today. Lots of us now use it but do you know why?

🍊As essential as Vitamin C is our bodies does not make it’s own, so it’s important you include it in your skincare and diet.

🍊Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is utilised by our cells as an effective antioxidant (I will be talking about these at a later date) which aids the fibroblasts to make lots of collagen, which is good news for reducing wrinkles 💪🏻

🍊 When applied to the skin it comes in both water soluble and lipid soluble and are far more effective than dietary supplements. Vitamin C has a very short active period so needs to be replenished daily, making this a important part of your daily routine.

🍋 As well as having its only specialised benefits it also protects vitamin E from spoiling and when taken orally supports the absorption of Iron. Benefits and uses

🍋 Anti inflammatory

🍋 Stimulates collagen production

🍋 Reduces melanin production, helping with pigmentation issues

🍋 Reinforces the skins lipid barrier

🍋 Reduces redness

🍋 Stimulates fibroblasts